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South Indian Hindu Wedding:Yashu&Ravi

This is the best love story ever an American girl meets a British boy in Japan it can’t get better than this. Truly you can expect to meet someone in the most unexpected places. I had posted pictures from their wedding today and seeing it all come together in this video is truly amazing. They are so in love with each other it’s simply beautiful.

Video by:PhotoHouse Films


Muslim Wedding:Syica&Irfan

What a lovely looking couple MashAllah the bride is simply stunning. I like how it was simple but very elegant and classy. The stage decor was really nice and her outfit was stunning.

Video by:Kuder


Sikh Wedding:Mini&Narinder

Such a glamorous wedding shot by one of my favourite British cinematographers. I really like how he shoots all the small details such as the anand karaj and the mothers hugging. Her lehenga was stunning and traditional I like how it was and elegant I love marquee weddings. I want a summer marquee wedding too. :D

Video by:Salshan Saleem


Muslim Wedding:Adil&Maria

Aww it was the sweetest Nikaah ceremony they both got married at home. I really liked that it was really special and intimate and simple. I like the Beyonce soundtrack they used in the beginning. The decor for the walima was gorgeous it was really elegant and classy. Such a beautiful wedding I like how the entire wedding simple. 

Video by:Darkroom Doctors


Hindu Guyanese Wedding:Manisha&Raish

Aww they seem quite young it’s so cute, the bride is so beautiful :o aww gosh the smile on his face when he sees her walking in as she’s holding the veil over her head. Bless they’re both so cute this was such an adorable wedding. Maybe it’s because they seem so young and in love it’s refreshing. 

Video by:I Am Yours Now